Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Meditation and Power of the Mind!!

Meditation is a great way to relax and focus on what you really want.  I’ve found great resources for this and have tried them and it really helps. The Silva System offers a free trial, which is very helpful.  I have also read many books about Meditation and how to help me cure my Cancer (Multiple Myeloma).  I haven’t had time yet to put them all in practice yet, since from October 2012 to January I have been sick on and off mostly from infections. I am now really trying to read all the books that I have bought. 

The only Meditation that I have done so far is mostly visualization.  You can visualize your problems by anything that relates to you, it can be soldiers fighting the bad; I used this as black and white.  The white soldiers are the good ones and the black the bad ones.  I mostly did this before going to sleep, which is best, and also along with prayers.

 This fall I was supposed to have another Stem Cell Transplant, according to my doctor, since she was not seeing the results necessary. She wanted me to be in total Remission, and I absolutely did not want to do the Stem Cell Transplant again. By doing my own Meditations, I think this really helped.  You see this summer she announced to me that I was in Remission!!!

Below I will give you the links to the free Silva System and some interesting books to read, hopefully they will help you too.  The books are mainly from, and if you have a Kindle they are really less expensive.

                         This a FREE Meditation Kit to Help get you started.

Kindle E-Books on Meditation and more to come;

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Chantal Riel