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CANCER, New Alternative Therapy

The following may really surprise you as it did myself....I  thought that this natural product was mostly miraculus as a topical treatment...but can do so much more.

This natural cancer treatment is very simple, however it has been endorsed so many times with real facts. The formula is very easy and cheap and you can prepare it at home!!

Created in the amazonian forest, by a Brazilian monk, a new natural treatment to cure and to prevent cancer, seems to be an interesting alternative in the fight against cancer. The priest affirms, he has obtained real results in several types to cancer :  brest cancer,  uterus cance, stomache cancer,  skin cancer,  prostate cancer, etc. The formula is simple, cheap and easy to prepare it at home and even though extensive clinical studies do not exist on this procedure, it seems to be a sensible alternative to try

ALOE Vera -
One of the components of the formula is Aloe Vera (sábila) whose medicinal properties have been investigated for a long time :

“It has been proven that Aloe Vera is effective as a cancer treatment in animals. In fact, in 1992, the U.S. Department of Agriculture approved the use of Aloe Vera for the treatment of soft tissue cancer in animals as well as feline leukemia. There is strong scientific proof that, in vitro, Aloe Vera suppresses the growing of cancer tumor, stimulates the immune system response, raises tumor
necrosis levels, and promotes healthy tissue”.

“Aloe Vera helps to lower the damage done to the body by treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy, which destroy healthy immune system cells that are very important for the body's recovery. With the use of Aloe Vera, the immune system is boosted, tumors shrink, metastases are reduced so the cancer does not spread, and renew”

“In 1997, University of San Antonio researcher Jeremiah Herlihy, Ph.D., conducted a study to observe any negative effects of drinking aloe daily. Rather than exhibiting negative effects, however, test animals receiving daily aloe showed a remarkable reduction in leukemia, heart disease, and kidney disease. Dr. Herlihy concluded, "We found no indication of harm done to the rats even at high levels." In fact, the aloe-drinking animals actually lived 25 percent longer than those in the control group”
Other components are bee honey  and "cañazo" (rum, or any distilled liqueur).
HONEY Medicine may be increasingly high-tech, but the latest wonder treatment which is being offered to patients is — honey.
Last week, it was announced that bandages soaked in manuka honey are to be given to mouth cancer patients at the Christie Hospital in Manchester to reduce their chances of contracting the MRSA superbug and to lessen wound inflammation following surgery. This is just the latest study investigating this particular type of honey's
 healing powers.
It is used routinely at the Manchester Royal Infirmary for dressing wounds, and other research has found it can fight gum disease, ease digestive problems and soothe sore throats.
All honey contains hydrogen peroxide, a substance once used as a wound disinfectant in hospitals — it comes from an enzyme that bees add to nectar. It also contains the enzyme glucose oxidase, which boosts its anti-bacterial properties.
This was recognised by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks, who used honey to help heal burns and sores.
Aloe, bee honey and rum are mixed and a syrup is obtained that must be consumed daily. It is important to use "fresh pulp of the plant Aloe Vera, including the rind. (to retire the thorns). Nonextracts or commercial products of Aloe Vera. In order to avoid the poisonous effect of the plant Aloe Vera, the treatment must be alternated : 10 days of treatment, 10 days free or of rest. Never long treatments. The treatment can be used single or complementing chemotherapy  processes. An ample and detailed description of the treatment can be found at : The Miracle of Sharing
Other Diseases

This treatment also can be useful for autoimmune and digestive diseases. (irritable bowl syndrome, ulcerative colitis, esophagitis, peptic ulcer, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, mouth lesions, sore throat,lupus, etc.)
Remark All information is general in nature and is not intended to be used as a substitute for appropriate professional advice and the reader assumes all risks from the use, non use or minuse of this information.

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I will also be coming out with a book on all the findings of this Miracle treatment, and will also try it out myself.  I will keep you posted as to how it works out and when my book will come out.  The article that I have written above are about just some findings, there is a lot more on the subject of Aloe Vera.

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