Saturday, March 16, 2013


I've found this fantastic place through Google+ that has these great products.  It's worth a look, the following is the description of the site;


7 Lights Nutrition and Wellness Organic and Holistic Products
7 Lights Nutrition Products, a division of Crusador Enterprises Inc., specializes in whole food nutrition, specialty herbs, and nutritional supplements. Based in Orlando, Florida, we feature only the most innovative products for your health and wellness while ensuring quality customer care with every order.
Focused on Health and Nutrition
We originally began in business by writing a book on genetically-engineered foods titled "GMOs - Beware of the Coming Food Apocalypse!", then launched a bi-monthly publication called "CRUSADOR" that provides readers with cutting-edge alternative health information and a wide array of healthy lifestyle solutions. In 2002 we launched our first nutritional supplement TEMPLE CLEANSE under the brand name 7 Lights and have been adding many products under our own label since then. We currently have close to 200 products under the brand 7 Lights that you will find on this website. 
For more than 10 years we have continually been at the forefront with unique products, offering all types of supplements and food products that help you achieve your wellness goals. Email us today to order any of our whole food healthy products.
Chantal Riel