Sunday, August 24, 2014




They are a very good way to STOP SMOKING!!  I've tried an E-Cigarette for over a month, and it worked really well, until I decided to smoke a cigarette or two if I got a really bad craving.
Then we (my Husband and I) got a real shock when he lost his job that he was working at for almost 8yrs.  And now, at 53 he has to start to look for another job, which is not easy these days.  Jobs are available, yet you can apply to all those of interest, but you never know which one/ones will call back.


I've tried patches and gum before, and it really didn't work out well. The E-Cigarette is the best way to go, since you can smoke the vapor, it tastes good (a lot better than a cigarette) and you get your Nicotine shot.  Still you have to be motivated, no matter what way you choose to Quit Smoking!!


I Love the E-Cigarette, and the best place to buy from is not online, yet trying to find a place clos to your home to be able to try the savors you would like for your E-Cigarette.  Also there are many types of E-Cigarettes as well, so it also offers you the chance to try different ones.
There are some of them that are online if you prefer, here is a small list of them;