Saturday, May 30, 2015


Hi Everyone,

I have not been here for a while now, yet I have been keeping myself really busy;

  • Ø  I have been doing a lot of studying and research into being a Virtual Assistant, especially in Bookkeeping.
  • Ø  I have also have been studying to be part of the Travel Industry.  Which is another career that I would love to get into as well. I wish to travel more before I am too handicaped or die, whichever comes first.
  • Ø  I also have had a lot of hospital visits, and I broke my right arm on February 20th this year, now that was a totally disabilitating experience…and hurt like @#$%%&!!
  • Ø  Now I am building a new Website that will be my main site for information about me business wise.
  • Ø  I am also updating all my other sites about me as well, such as Facebook 

All of this is a lot of work, especially the Website.  I am doing it with Joomla slowly but surely.  I have to learn it as well as apply it.  Therefore, I would say go check it out often and tell me what you think of it, please.

Now back to my book, wow, I have been making sales and did not even know it until I checked Amazon.  I was getting little amounts in my bank account, and it was described as Amazon. I also have an Amazon store (, so I checked that out first, and that was not it.  Then I checked out my Book, and voila that was it. I have found it on more than one site (I put them in tinyurl since the sites are so long) that has my book in Amazon as follows;

                This is my Book Cover; 

I do not know if I’ll have the time to do the other books that I wanted to follow up with this one.  I really wish to start-up my Virtual Assistant Business soon, and will probably be doing some translations from English to French Freelancing for another company.  The jobs are there, you just have to look for them. 

***A little info about my Health, I am doing better now, my Cancer is still Stable.  The side effects of the medications I am taking is what bothers me the most.***

I can give you the site for the freelance translating jobs here at;

If languages are your thing, then Good Luck in passing the test.

Anyways, Take Care All….and Please give me feedback about my Website.

Bye For Now,


Live each Day as if it was your last. J