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I have three wonderful children who are now 14, 18 and 21.  Two of the three have learning difficulties, so I tried to be available for them the best way possible.  That’s when I started working at Home.  Before I started Working from Home, I did like everyone else, found the regular 9 to 5 job and sent the kids to Daycare.  This was before they started to go to School. I’ve been working at Home for approximately 14 years now.
I have an Accounting and clerical background, and do my family’s Income Taxes every year, therefore; I started doing Income Taxes for another company from Home. This worked out for the first Season in 1999-2000.  The next season I did them on my own, seeing it wasn’t really working out with the particular company I was involved with; and I had moved.  I also offered other services such as; translations (from French to English), Resumes, School Projects, etc… This also worked out for one season.

Then I moved to a small town for approximately 4 yrs, the first years there I took a break, internet was really slow, and so I did a lot of researching.  Then for the next three years I opened a company with a friend and we worked together at her house.  The company we formed again was in Accounting and Income Taxes to start out with.  She had one client that demanded the full services of Accounting, and slowly we built it up to 5 more clients, plus a 100 or so Income Taxes every year.  With this company I was the detail oriented and Tech-Savvy part of the partnership, and she was the Sales person and Administration side of it.  This worked out for 3 years, until we both changed lives and moved to the bigger city again.  I continued to do the Accounting for two companies, and some Income Taxes, until I found a full time job in 2008. 

During the time I did the Accounting work from Home; I also found legitimate work at Home jobs as well.  I worked for a company named SOM Research and Surveys; (This is a Job offered in Quebec, Canada) .  They offered everything you needed to start up, this included the computer and the headset needed.  Their special program is in their computer, and if a problem arises they could fix it easily by getting in your system.  This was mainly outbound calls, yet the full text was there every time you called, it was really simple. The reason it didn’t work out eventually is that it was always in the evenings, and I preferred inbound calls as to outbound.

Also I found something better at Network Omni;  (This is a US company that hires Worldwide) I was doing live translations (French to English and English to French) over the phone for $30hr, yet this is according to the time spent on the phone.  It was really interesting work, a lot of inbound calls from many well known companies.

The reason I opted out of this one is that there were not enough calls coming in for about a month.  They’re jobs that I did were part-time while I was doing my Accounting job from Home from 2000-2007. 

From 2007 to 2008 I worked for two different agencies to replace employees at a Bank.  This was a good job to be available for the kids since the shifts were mostly from 10AM to 4PM max, and one day from 10AM to 8PM.  I loved working there but yet again didn’t get many hours, and was offered a really good job at a prestigious job downtown Montreal, which offered great benefits.  So I jumped back in to the Rat Race Again….for a year and a half.
Then in 2010 I was diagnosed with Cancer (Multiple Myeloma), which will be my next book.  I had no choice but to find something to do at home, I did a lot of research and even before this and got SCAMED a lot with; Survey jobs online, Affiliate jobs, Free Websites, a lot of Free EBooks…only to have my email overload with SCAMS again. Therefore; I had a passion to do my own Nails, took a Course and bought all my equipment mostly from EBay, put up my own Website, got into the Yellow Pages…..and opened my own Nail Salon at Home. This worked out for about a year, until I realized I was too slow because of the pain my Cancer was causing my (Back and Rib pain), it’s a lot more work physically than you think.

Then I found something else, really thinking I could do this, a company called Sykes (ICT Marketing).  You get 5 weeks paid training, and then you start at a salary of about $12hr, but I don’t think that’s everywhere, plus you get your benefits after three months which are great.

This is a great company to work for, but it was too much for me.  Seeing I had my Cancer, yet again it slowed me down, and this is a full time Job and I would have preferred part-time.  That’s when I’ve decided to become a writer, since I have so much to say and offer.  I hope you Enjoy my Books as much as I Enjoyed writing them!!!  GOOD LUCK IN YOU JOB HUNTING!

Looking for a better way to Work From Home?  Don't know where to start, or where to look for the Best Scam Free Jobs?  Tired of being SCAMED and getting little or no money? Don't know who to trust anymore?
THEN THIS IS IT...In this book I will advise you as to How you can start Working From Home.  I will give you ways to avoid scams, what you need to start, and how you can find legitimate Work at Home Jobs.  Believe me it all depends on what you’re willing to do, anything is possible. 
Since there are so many sites and so many types of Work at Home Jobs, this will be the first of a series of 5 books. This series of Books will also save you time and money. 
Believe me I've been there and have done my share of working the 9 to 5 way, and Working at Home.  Now I've decided to become a writer, since I have so much to say and offer.
Being able to Work from Home also saves;
•Gas Money, and whatever other transport method used!!
•Clothing to stay in Fashion at the Office!!
•More Flexibility to be available at Home if an emergency arises!!
•Pick you own schedule!
•Work at Home Expenses are tax deductable!!
•The savings and advantages are endless…..
The following Books in this Series will be;
•WORK AT HOME (Series #2) – Accounting and Administration, and VA Jobs
•WORK AT HOME (Series #3) – Writing and Editing, Proofreading Jobs
•WORK AT HOME (Series # 4) – Translators and Consulting, Coaching Jobs
•WORK AT HOME (Series # 5)- Business Opportunities and Online Jobs, and Everything else.
Look out for the others coming out soon, I hope, since every site put in the books are all verified, and there are Jobs from these site that are continually available.
Start with this one; I'm sure you won't be disappointed.
WORK AT HOME (Series # 1) Call Centers and Customer Service
Enjoy, and Good Luck!!!!

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These books may come out before or at the same time as my Multiple Myeloma
Experience....Look out for all of them...I will keep you posted about them.
Take Care All....and until nex time....