Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Hi Everyone,

I've found a couple of very interesting links for FREE E-BOOKS.  These links are for everyone, you may download them directly, or copy to your computer. 

There are many books for many interests, such as; spirituality, personal development, self help, personal growth, self growth, spiritual development, self development, self empowerment, law of attraction, manifestation, manifesting, the secret, enlightenment, personal empowerment, goal setting, overcome challenges, overcome obstacles, romance, mysteries, stress, love yourself, healing, health, personal power, mind power, etc...

You can choose whatever is of interest to you.  Here are a couple of books to start with;

Title: How To Overcome Challenges
Chris Cade

Throughout our lives we face challenges in many types of situations. Do you sometimes freeze up when faced with obstacles because you’re unsure of what to do? If so, opportunities may pass you by because your resolve to meet the challenge quickly disappears.

However, the good news is: you can pass any test you face on the way to your goals!


Opportunities that once passed you by can be turned into stepping stones on your way
to victory. Once you add a few simple strategies to your arsenal, you’ll be unstoppable on your path to success.

Download at;


Spiritual healing is the ability of your mind and soul to repair your ailments.
These ailments are not limited mere physical wounds, but can also relate to
mental illness and self esteem issues. Many modern day physicians invoke
the idea of spiritual healing along with western medicine as a means to
promote the health of their patients.
The belief that a healthy mind equals a healthy body is not new to anyone.
However, the idea that a positive spiritual existence might heal
the body is sometimes misunderstood. This book is about spiritual healing.
It teaches you how to get your body and energy into focused balance.

Download at;

Unlimited Downloads of All Your Favorite E-BOOKS

I came across this site and thought you might be interested.
It’s one of the largest online
libraries with both fiction and non-fiction books. 
It’s right here at:

You can look up whatever topic, subject or category you wish,

and then view or download digital copies of any relevant books.

You’ll find whatever you’re looking for whether it’s for

Personal Development, Business Improvement or your own entertainment,
from ystery novels to love stories. There’s a huge online library
that gives you access to ALL formats for any Ebook Reader!
It provides unlimited reading for Amazon’s Kindle, BN’s Nook,
SONY’s Reader and, of course, Apple’s latest, The iPad.
They’ve got thousands of books, fiction and non-fiction,
for you to choose from. I just thought it was amazing
how much free content, help and information was available
all at the click of a mouse! 

There’s a totally FREE Standard Membership,
or a super-value discount on their V.I.P. Membership
with annual or lifetime access. You can check out all
the details to see what’s best for you at:

I think you’ll like it. I do!

All the best and Enjoy!!



You can even get printed copies of some books, and there's also a link to read them on your computer!!

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