Friday, March 30, 2012

Is Cancer Hereditary??

I have read many sites on Cancer being Hereditary.  What I have found out is that, we recieve two genes when born (one from our Mother and one from our Father).  Of these two genes there may be one or both that may be predisposed to our having some form of Cancer later on in life.  The Cancer gene may be there all of our life, yet a Cancer may only come about later. 

What is Cancer?  Well it's a gene in our DNA that gets out of control and invades either an organ, blood, tissue, bones etc..  It multiplies to a point that our good cells become practically non-existant.

The most common hereditary Cancers are, breast, colon and ovarian, which are mostly women's Cancers.  Others may be present, yet take time to show up. A Sporadic Cancer is one that is not Hereditary.

The reason I was looking this up and writing about it now, is that I've received a call from my Aunt on my Mother's side, and she has the same kind of Cancer as I do.  There are many little things in the family that didn't sit well with me concerning blood problems.  My Grandmother, my Mother, and one of my Aunts all have Anemia, as well as I do.  Anemia is one of the indications that there is something wrong with the blood, it weakens the immune system and makes you more prone to infections.

Therefore it made me ask this question of my Cancer being hereditary.  I will look into this furthur and write more about it.  Until then here are a couple of sites to look into to about it;

In this site they talk about Generic Cancer Risk, it's very interesting....

Until next time soon.....Healing Energy!!!

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